Due to heavy demands on our phone system, call quality & wait times are impacted. If possible email support@nationalcrimecheck.com.au instead

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AMT has partnered with National Crime Check to provide members with a quicker, easier and cheaper way to obtain their police check 100% online.

AMT has negotiated an organisational discount to the published price (usually $49.50 GST inc), for AMT members the discounted price is $42 GST Inc).

All you need to do is:

  1. Fill in your basic details
  2. Get Verified using your email/sms
  3. Pay - the cost of the police check is $42.00
  4. Add additional details
  5. Complete your proof of identity
  6. Electronically sign your police check application.

For all support inquiries, please contact National Crime Check on 1800 080 095.