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National Crime Check Joins Sterling

Posted on 2018-11-26

A message from Martin Lazarevic, Founder and MD I have some exciting news to share. To fuel our development and expand our capabilities, we have agreed...  more...

5 reasons why you should handle your police checks (and not your employees)

Posted on 2017-02-28

Hands up anyone who’s got too much time on their hands… Yep. We thought so. For the majority of HR departments, the decision to leave police...  more...

Case Study: Pacific Brands

Posted on 2017-01-12

As one of the biggest names in retail in the Asia-Pacific region, Pacific Brands may have began life manufacturing pneumatic tyres as ‘Dunlop' back in the...  more...

Police Checking your new recruits: Where to begin?

Posted on 2016-12-16

The pace of change in the human resources world is unrelenting and the digital age has brought a myriad of risk management challenges along with it....  more...

Employee risks you must address (even if you didn't think so)

Posted on 2016-11-24

Reducing risk in the workplace – whether a health or safety, general security or Internet/cyber security risk – is a priority for forward-thinking employers but one...  more...

Checklist for your Police Checks: What do you need to cover?

Posted on 2016-11-09

The process of conducting background checks on potential – and, in some cases, existing – employees is increasing at a brisk rate. As incidents of employee...  more...

What happens if a potential employee fails a background check?

Posted on 2016-11-09

While most employment contracts contain safeguards that allow you to dismiss an unsuitable employee, it’s equally as important to have rock-solid processes in place for handling...  more...

How automation is impacting governance and risk in organisations

Posted on 2016-10-24

Compliance obligations are among the biggest challenges confronting organisations, and the pressure to get it right is immense. Automated processes can be both a blessing and...  more...

When should we do a background check?

Posted on 2016-10-14

We all understand the importance of conducting due diligence in the business world and, when it comes to choosing employees, it is critical to get it...  more...